New Classes Stating in the fall.


Baby Flamenco

For students ages 3-5. This fun, engaging class works to develop the student's rhythm and coordination. 


Kids I Flamenco

Level I is an introductory class for students ages 6-12 new to flamenco. In this class we will explore the basics of flamenco arms, footwork, patterns, turns, and of course attitude! 


Kids II Flamenco

Level II offers continued study for students ages 8-12 who have been taking flamenco for at least one year. The students will explore various exercises that develop the grace and agility necessary for simple choreography.


Adult Beginning Flamenco


Adult Intro to Flamenco is geared toward the beginner student with little to no experience with flamenco dance. A basic introduction to skills and fundamentals of flamenco dance

Intermediate Technique and Repertory

Beginning-Intermediate Technique and Repertory offers continued study for students who have been taking flamenco for at least one year. A basic introduction to flamenco technique, rhythms, structure and vocabulary. 


Advanced Flamenco Technique and Repertory

Intermediate-Advanced Flamenco Dance Technique and Repertory classes are designed for the intermediate and advanced student who has a thorough understanding of flamenco technique, rhythms, structure and vocabulary. Technique and artistry is further developed through various strengthening exercises and choreographies.




Flamenco Communication

This class, taught by Olivia Rojas, will explore dance and music conventions used in tablao and the use of palmas and its relationship to the baile and cante.  


REGISTRATION:  Adult Registration CLICK HERE / Child Registration CLICK HERE

ATTIRE: We encourage free expression of dance wear fashion that is comfortable to each individual student. Appropriate dance wear includes form fitting clothes such as leotards, tank tops, tights, track pants, skirts and vests. Loose fitting clothes are difficult to see body placement and form.

SHOES: Flamenco shoes are an investment. If interested in purchasing flamenco shoes I can help explore different options on where to order. Alternate guidelines are as follows:

-Closed toe shoes ALWAYS

-A dress shoe or boot

-Character shoes can be purchased at any dance store