Somos Soniquete is an integrated flamenco arts partnership whose purpose is to provide dance and theater experiences to children of diverse backgrounds. We are devoted to promoting accessibility and eradicating ableism, racism andbigotry by practicing and promoting dialogue, acceptance and participation. We promote neuro equality and specialize in working with Autistic individuals to facilitate personal expression, physical activity, and community participation.

  • We provide child-centered dance instruction to children of all ages and abilities, including Autism.

  • We combine traditional dance instruction, sensory integration and evidenced-based therapy approaches to increase motor skills, as well as social and leisurely participation.

  • We provide performance opportunities that are adapted to the needs of the child and families.


Angelina Ramirez is the founder and artistic director of Flamenco Por La Vida in Phoenix, Arizona. Her company was awarded the 2014 Phoenix Mayor's Arts Award for Best Dance Organization. She is engaged in Creative Aging work throughout the Valley. This includes programming at the Mayo Clinic and Barrows Alzheimer’s Institute. Angelina specializes in therapeutic dance instruction to older adults who have Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s.


Maritza Tafur MOTR/L is a licensed occupational therapist (OT). She works for the Paradise Valley Unified School District in Phoenix. Maritza specializes in working with children with disabilities. She combines her skills as an OT and flamenco artist. Maritza works to improve motor, social, cognitive and play skills in children of all ages and abilities through therapeutic dance instruction. Maritza studies with Angelina Ramirez and performs with Flamenco Por La Vida.